What is Pacemaker?

A pacemaker is a small device that has been placed under the skin in the heart to help restore a normal heartbeat. It's used to help your heart beat more regularly, particularly if you have an irregular cardiac beat (arrhythmia). Implantation of  pacemaker in your chest, requires a surgical procedure.
Pacemaker of heart is a small battery-powered device  provides mild electrical signals to the heart to make it more effective at a normal rhythm and pump. Pacemaker sends an electrical pulse to your heart if an abnormal heart beat such as low heart rate can be detected. The pulse stimulates your heart to beat more quickly and keeps it normal.

 Functions of Pacemaker

Some common functions of heart pacemaker are:

  1. Heart Rate Regulation: A pacemaker is designed to detect any abnormalities in the heart's natural electrical system. If the heart rate is too slow (bradycardia), the pacemaker will send electrical signals to stimulate the heart muscles and initiate a heartbeat at the appropriate rate.
  2. Correcting Arrhythmias: Arrhythmias are irregular heart rhythms that can be caused by various factors. A pacemaker of heart is programmed to identify different types of arrhythmias, such as tachycardia (fast heartbeat) or bradycardia, and correct them by delivering electrical impulses to restore a normal heart rhythm.
  3. Pacing Multiple Chambers: Certain advanced pacemaker machine, known as biventricular or cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) pacemakers, can coordinate the contractions of both the heart's ventricles to improve the heart's overall pumping efficiency, particularly in cases of heart failure.
  4. Monitoring Heart Health: Pacemakers continuously collect data on the heart's electrical activity, which can be useful for cardiologists in diagnosing heart conditions and adjusting the pacemaker settings during follow-up appointments.

Uses of Pacemaker

Some conditions that use or need pacemaker for proper treatment includes:

  • Heart Blockage: In cases of heart blockage, where the electrical signals from the upper to the lower chambers of the heart are interrupted or delayed, a pacemaker ensures that the heart continues to beat at the right rhythm.
  • Heart Failure: Some heart pacemakers are equipped with additional features, such as cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT), which helps coordinate the contractions of the heart's chambers and improve its pumping efficiency in individuals with heart failure.
  • Arrhythmias: A pace maker machine for heart is used for heart arrhythmias, which are abnormal heartbeats that can be too fast, too slow, or irregular. The pacemaker helps regulate the heart's rhythm and keep it beating at a steady pace.
  • Post-Heart Surgery: After certain heart surgeries or procedures, pacemakers may be temporarily used to support the heart during the healing process.

Types of Pacemaker

There are mainly four types of pacemaker machine. These are:

  • Single-Chamber Pacemaker- It is a type of pacemaker machine, in which one electrode or lead wire is connected to only one of the heart's chamber, which is either right atrium or right ventricle of the heart.
  • Dual-Chamber Pacemaker-In a dual-chamber pacemaker, two electrodes or lead wires are there, and one in the right atrium and one in the right ventricle. A dual chamber pacemaker is used when the electrical signals are blocked between the atrium and the ventricle.
  • Leadless Pacemaker- It is a small device without the leads or electrodes, directly inserted into the patient's right ventricle of the heart.
  • Biventricular Pacemaker-This type of pacemaker is also called Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy(CRT). Biventricular Pacemaker is a type of heart pacemaker in which in addition to the leads in the right atrium and right ventricle, a artificial pacemaker has a third lead placed in the left ventricle. This type of pacemaker machine is specifically used for individuals with heart failure.

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Best Brands of Glucometer

Overall, the best pacemaker machines:

  • Abbott Pacemaker- Abbott's pacemaker technology offers smaller devices, physician-preferred shapes, MR Conditional systems, remote monitoring, and longer device longevity, allowing for personalized and advanced care for patients with various heart conditions. Their pacemakers are designed to improve comfort, safety, and overall heart health.
  • Medtronic Pacemaker- Medtronic is a prominent medical technology company renowned for its advanced pacemaker technology. Their pacemakers offer a diverse range of models with features like adaptive pacing, remote monitoring, and MRI compatibility, aiming to enhance patient care and quality of life for individuals with heart rhythm disorders.
  • Biotonik Pacemaker- Biotronik is a well-known medical technology company that manufactures innovative pacemakers. Their pacemakers are designed to treat various heart rhythm disorders, offering advanced features for personalized care and improved patient outcomes. Biotronik pacemakers are trusted worldwide for their reliability and effectiveness in managing heart conditions.

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