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Buy Patient Shifting Roller Online:

Buying a Patient Shifting Roller online from a hospital store is a convenient way. These devices are particularly useful for patients who have limited mobility or who require frequent repositioning, such as those in hospitals, nursing homes, or rehabilitation centers.

Patient shifting roller price:

Patient roller shifter are priced competitively, starting from as low as INR 6,000 and going up to INR 15,000 depending on types.

S.N.Patient Shifting Roller Models
1.Folding Patient Shifter
2.Sawant Surgical Aluminium Patient Shifting Roller

Why Choose Our Patient Shifting Rollers?

1. Enhanced Safety: Our patient roller shifters are meticulously designed to prioritize patient safety during transfers. With smooth and durable surfaces, they minimize friction and ensure gentle movement.

2. Efficiency: Patient shifting rollers are ingeniously crafted to streamline transfers, allowing caregivers to move patients with ease and efficiency. This not only saves time but also reduces physical strain, promoting a healthier work environment.

3. Comfort: Our rollers feature ergonomic designs and high-quality materials, providing a supportive and comfortable experience during transfers. 

4. Versatility: Patient roller shifter are versatile enough to meet your needs. With various sizes and configurations available, you can find the perfect fit for any transfer scenario.

Patient Shifting Roller:

Purpose of Patient Shifting Rollers: Patient shifting roller is a type of stretcher that help move patients from one place to another without lifting them. They are used to transferring patients safely and comfortably between different surfaces, like beds, stretchers, or chairs.

How Patient Shifting Rollers Work: Imagine sliding a patient on a super smooth surface. That's how patient shifting rollers work. They are placed under the person, and then caregivers can easily slide them across without much effort. These rollers have special wheels or smooth material that reduces friction, making it easier to move patients around.

Why Patient Shifting Rollers are Important:

  1. Safety: Patient shifting rollers help prevent accidents or injuries during transfers.
  2. Efficiency: They save time and energy for caregivers by making patient transfers quicker and easier. 
  3. Less Strain: It is much easier to slide a patient than to lift them, which helps prevent injuries and fatigue.
  4. Comfort: Patient shifting rollers provide a more comfortable experience for patients during transfers. They glide smoothly, without jerking or jolting.


Q1: What are patient shifting rollers, and how do they help move patients?

Ans: Patient shifting rollers are like smooth mats with wheels. They make it easier to move patients from one place to another without lifting them. Caregivers put these rollers under the patient, and then they can slide them gently to another surface, like a bed or a wheelchair.

Q2: How do patient shifting rollers make transfers safer and more comfortable?

Ans: Patient shifting rollers work by reducing friction, so patients can be moved smoothly and without jerking. This makes transfers safer because it's easier to control the movement. Plus, patients feel more comfortable because they're not being lifted or moved roughly. It's like gliding gently from one place to another.

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