A Phonak hearing aid is a device designed to help people who have difficulty hearing. It's a small electronic device that you wear in or behind your ear. The main job of a Phonak hearing aid is to make sounds louder so that people with hearing loss can hear better. Phonak is a brand that makes these hearing aids. They use advanced technology to amplify sounds and make speech clearer. Some Phonak hearing aids can even connect to other devices like smartphones or TVs, making it easier for users to hear and communicate in various situations.


Phonak Hearing Aid Machine Price starts from INR 1000 & goes up to INR 1000,000 depending on types. For your reference, we have mentioned a price list below:

Phonak Hearing Aid Machine ModelsPrice
Phonak Baseo Q5-M BTE hearing aid
INR 11,900
Phonak Tao Q10-312 ITC hearing ear machine
INR 16,829
Phonak Naida Q30-SP BTE hearing aidINR 26,800
Phonak Marvel Audeo M90-312 hearing aid
INR 324,000
Phonak Audeo B90-10 RIC hearing machine
INR 235,690
Phonak Marvel Audeo M90-Rechargeable hearing aid machineINR 334,000
Phonak Audeo V90-10 RIC hearing machine
INR 202,980

*Price may be subject to change.


1. Phonak bte hearing aids : This phonak hearing aid gives you a great hearing experience. It provide more amplification for people with severe or profound hearing loss. Phonak hearing aid technology that meets all the essential customer requirements and provides excellent sound quality. They're easy to put on thanks to the handy rocker switch, and they're really comfortable to wear. 

2. Phonak cic hearing aids : These Phonak hearing aids are custom-made to fit your ear anatomy and hearing loss, so you can spend time with your loved ones without worrying about your hearing or looks. It provides you the confidence to relish the important things in life thanks to its highly inconspicuous design and superb sound quality.

3. Phonak ite hearing aids : This Phonak hearing aids are custom-made to fit your ear anatomy. It provides you the confidence to relish the important things in life thanks to its highly inconspicuous design and superb sound quality. Furthermore, Bluetooth connectivity allows for worry-free audio streaming of TV, music, and phone calls.

4. Phonak itc hearing aids : These Phonak hearing aids are specially designed to fit your ear architecture and hearing problems, make sure to spend time with friends and family without having to worry about your hearing or appearance. Bluetooth connectivity also enables worry-free audio streaming of TV, music, and phone calls.

5. Phonak ric hearing aids : Phonak hearing aid provides the most natural sound and best hearing performance in a small, attractive package. The unique laser edge antenna design reduces the size of the device to the smallest possible size for Bluetooth-based direct broadcasting and remote control via the Control App without sacrificing hearing performance.

S.N.Product NamePrice Range
1.Phonak BTE Hearing Aid11,900-₹228,500
2.Phonak CIC Hearing Aid16,830-₹203,999
3.Phonak RIC Hearing Aid26,520-₹235,620
4.Phonak ITC Hearing Aid21,929-₹202,979
5.Phonak IIC Hearing Aid41,900-₹197,000


1. Phonak marvel : The newest hearing aid is the Phonak marvel hearing aids, a rechargeable hearing aid with a telecoil. Previously, the Audéo series had a rechargeable model and a separate telecoil-enabled model, but no model that combined recharge ability and hearing-loop access.

2. Phonak virto m titanium : Phonak hearing aids are the only mainstream bespoke hearing aids constructed of high medical-grade titanium in the world. It is the company's smallest and most unobtrusive bespoke hearing aid to date. Virto M-Titanium combines the excellent strength and light weight of titanium with a pleasant fit in the ear canal, thanks to the newest 3D printing technology.

3. Phonak bolero hearing aids :These Phonak hearing aid is a behind-the-ear hearing aid with a telecoil, separate volume control, push button, water-resistant coating, IP68 ingress protection, and rechargeable batteries. The batteries, according to Phonak, are designed to last at least six years. The Bolero MM has the same characteristics as the Bolero M M but is smaller and does not have a rechargeable battery.

4. Phonak virto black : The Virto M Black is a full-featured custon-in-ear wireless option for people looking for something more. While the Virto M Black appears to be a high-end programmable medical equipment that you might pick up for a few hundred dollars at Best Buy, it's actually a high-end Bluetooth earphone.

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