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Phototherapy Machine is a medical device used to treat various skin conditions like jaundice in newborns or certain skin disorders in adults. It releases a specific type of light, often blue or white, which helps the skin by breaking down excess bilirubin (a substance causing yellowing) in infants. This treatment is non-invasive and generally quite safe, exposing the skin to controlled light for a specific duration to alleviate the symptoms and promote healing. It is easier for the baby's liver to break down bilirubin in their blood and eliminate it.


At Hospital Store, the cost of phototherapy machine starts from INR 25,000 to INR 2.20 lakh depending on the type, brand and the model you want to buy.  For your information, we have mentioned a price list below:

S.N. Product Models Price
1.Zeal PT 3103 Phototherapy Machine, Double SurfaceINR 78,981.28
2.Doctroid India LED Phototherapy MachineINR 30,772.00
3.Zeal Medical PT6001 LED Phototherapy For Newborn INR 44,520.00
4.Meditrin LED Phototherapy For NeonatalINR 39,889.00
5.S.S. Technomed Sunshine Phototherapy UnitINR 59,834.88
6.S.S Technomed Phototherapy Unit Double SurfaceINR 102,574.08
7.SS Technomed Sunshine Phototherapy Machine/Unit INR 31,968.16
8.Zeal LED PT6002 Phototherapy Machine Stand with TrolleyINR 65,000.00
9.Meditrin LED Phototherapy Machine For NICUINR 37,041.00
10.Hygeia 503DTL LED Phototherapy Machine, Double SurfaceINR 68,382.72

* Prices may be subject to change.


There are three main types of phototherapy machines used for treating neonatal jaundice, each with its own unique features and advantages:

  1. First Generation Phototherapy Device: This type commonly uses fluorescent lights, but newer models prefer LED bulbs due to their longer-lasting and more intense light output. LED lights are compact, lightweight, and energy-efficient. While they release stronger light, they generate less heat and have a narrow bandwidth. Proper protection of the baby's eyes and genitals is crucial during this treatment.
  2. Second Generation Phototherapy Device (Fiber-optic): Utilizing optical fibers and a quartz halogen lamp as the light source, this device minimizes direct eye exposure and provides more intimate baby care without separating the newborn from the mother. It releases low-power radiation and reduces the risk of eye discomfort or injury.
  3. Third Generation Phototherapy Device: Combining both first-generation (fluorescent or LED) and second-generation (fiber-optic) technologies, this device is employed for severe cases of newborn jaundice. It incorporates the benefits of both types of phototherapy to offer comprehensive treatment.


Here are the best top-selling photo therapy machines that are on the high demand in the market:

Zeal Medical PT6001 LED Phototherapy Machine - The Zeal PT-6001 phototherapy machine for jaundice is a heavy-duty mobile stand unit designed for efficient and adjustable phototherapy treatment. With a height adjustment range of approximately 0.95 m to 1.5 m and continuous tilt capability of up to +/- 90°, it offers flexible positioning for optimal light exposure. It equipped with 12 therapeutic high wattage blue LEDs emitting a wavelength range of 455 to 465nm, it delivers a high irradiance of up to 60 μw/cm2/nm at the skin level, ensuring effective treatment for various skin conditions.

Doctoroid Phototherapy Machine - The Doctoroid LED Phototherapy Machine is specially designed for effective and safe phototherapy treatment. Its LED light source release light at the optimal wavelength of 450-460 nm, ensuring maximum bilirubin metabolism without any UV or IR radiation. With long-lasting LED bulbs that provide consistent intensity for up to 40,000 hours—30 times longer than CFL tubes—it eliminates the need for frequent replacements. The lamp unit's tilt capability of up to 90 degrees allows for versatile positioning, making it compatible with warmer setups.

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