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The PMT set is a kit from a dental instrument, which includes a dental probe, a dental mirror, and a dental tweezer. PMT set is prepared by combining these three tools. All the tools in the PMT set are made of medical grade stainless steel, providing optimum performance. Dental PMT set is an essential dental tool for dental examination and dental treatment, its use provides convenience in performing dental treatment procedures. The dental probe is used for probing the teeth to detect pulp space and to extract teeth. The dental mirror is used for reflecting light into dark areas of the mouth and helps in examining the upper and lower teeth. The dental tweezer is used to carry and place cotton rolls between cheek and gum.

Included dental instruments in PMT Set

In the PMT set included following three dental instruments.

  • Dental ProbeA periodontal probe is a tool that is frequently employed in dentistry's toolbox. It typically has a blunt end, is long, and is thin. A periodontal probe's main function is to gauge the periodontium's overall health by measuring the depth of the pockets surrounding a tooth. For accuracy and readability, markings have been etched on the instrument's head.
  • Dental MirrorDental mirrors are used to see the inside of your teeth. The mouth mirror is also helpful in cleaning and polishing your teeth. The dental mirror provides a clear view of the patient's teeth and allows the dentist to make precise adjustments to the dental work being performed. Dental mirror use to monitor the health of teeth, gums and jawbone. They are also used to detect tooth decay and cavities. A dental mirror can give a dentist an idea of the shape of teeth, which can lead to misdiagnosis in some cases.
  • Dental TweezerA Dental Tweezer is a type of dental instrument used to carry and place cotton rolls between cheek and gum. The dental tweezer is a tiny, thin instrument used to clean the area surrounding the teeth of dental plaque and other debris. They are constructed of metal and feature pointed points. Dental tweezers are used to twist the tartar on a tooth until it comes off. They are then utilized to extract the tartar. Orthodontic tweezers are also used during dental treatments to grip items or tools that have been put within the mouth.

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Best PMT Set BrandsPrice Range
API PMT Set PriceINR 1K - INR 4K
Top Dent PMT Set PriceINR 100 - INR 3.5K
GDC PMT Set PriceINR 700 - INR 5200

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  • GDC PMT Set

This PMT Set is a unique and innovative product that is perfect for the diagnostic of mouth.  The dental PMT set is perfect for the inside of mouth, and can be easy to use by the dentist. This dental PMT set is made of medical grade stainless steel and a high quality in the market, so it can be used for a long time. This dental PMT set is quite versatile and perfect for dentistry. It can be easily to use in different part of the mouth such as gum, tooth, etc.

  • API PMT Set

This dental PMT set is designed to make it easier to see the inside of the mouth of a patient. PMT set is easy to use, does not need any special tools for use with it, and does not cause any pain to the patient. This product is made in a high quality, and the price is more affordable than other similar products. The PMT set can be used by both professional dentists and dental students. 

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