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Catheter :

Catheter is a flexible tube that is inserted into the bladder to empty it and collect urine in a drainage bag. A doctor or nurse is usually the one who inserts a urinary catheter. The bladder is drained using urinary catheters. If you get any of the following conditions, your doctor may advise you to use a catheter: Urinary incontinence is a symptom of urinary incontinence,  Retention of urine. Catheters are sometimes required for people who are unable to empty their bladder in the traditional way, that is, by passing urine into a toilet or urinal, for a variety of reasons. Catheters are made of a variety of materials such as silicone, PVC and rubber. 

Features of catheter:

A catheter is a medical device that is used to deliver fluids or medication directly into the body, or to remove fluids such as urine or blood. Here are some of the key features of a catheter:

  • Size and Shape: Catheters come in various sizes and shapes, depending on their intended use. They may be straight or curved, and may have a tapered or rounded tip.
  • Material: Catheters can be made from a variety of materials, including silicone, latex, and polyurethane. The material used depends on the intended use and the needs of the patient.
  • Insertion Method: Catheters can be inserted into the body through different methods, such as through a needle or a small incision. The insertion method used depends on the type of catheter and the patient's needs.
  • Balloon: Some catheters have a balloon at the end that can be inflated once the catheter is inside the body. The balloon helps to keep the catheter in place and prevent it from moving or falling out.
  • Valve: Some catheters have a valve that can be opened or closed to control the flow of fluids into or out of the body.
  • Sterilization: Catheters must be sterilized before use to prevent infection. They can be sterilized using various methods, such as autoclaving or gas sterilization. 

Types of catheter :

There are different types of catheter. Here's a quick reference guide to the various types of catheter.

1. Indwelling catheter : In the same way as an intermittent catheter is implanted, an indwelling urinary catheter is left in place. A water-filled balloon keeps the catheter in place in the bladder, preventing it from falling out. Foley's catheters are a common name for these sorts of catheters.

2. External catheter : External catheters are sheaths that are worn over the penis and are attached to a drainage bag. They're primarily used to collect urine in guys who have urinary incontinence. The most common ECs are single-use and must be replaced every 24 to 48 hours.

3. Intermittent catheter : Intermittent catheters are an excellent way to aid those who are having urine difficulties. The catheter is inserted into the urethra, the tube is guided into the bladder, and the tube is removed once the bladder has been emptied.

4. Foley catheter : A Foley catheter is a type of indwelling catheter that is commonly used. To drain the urine, it has a soft, plastic or rubber tube that is placed into the bladder. In most circumstances, your healthcare professional will utilize the tiniest catheter available.

5. Nelaton Catheter : The connector on the Nelaton Catheter is unique in that it has a cap that fits over the connector funnel. This catheter allows the user to stop urine flow at any point during catheterization.

6. Suction catheter : A suction catheter can help prevent aspiration in a patient undergoing dental treatment. Suctioning may be required to prevent aspiration in patients at risk of aspiration, such as those with pneumonia, persistent vomiting, or a bloody airway.

7. Men catheter : Indwelling catheters, external catheters, and single-use catheters are the three basic forms of male catheters (also known as intermittent catheters).

8. Female catheter : A female catheter (tube) will be used to remove pee from the bladder. You may require a catheter due to urinary retention, surgery that necessitated the use of a catheter, or another medical condition.

Choose catheter from the best brands online :

1. Coloplast catheter : The Coloplast catheter has a push ring for securing the catheter to a leg bag, as well as an anti-kink bulb to prevent urine backflow. The built-in skin-friendly adhesive is gentle but effective. The pull-tab makes application simple. The catheter is transparent to allow for easy skin monitoring.

2. Medtronic catheter : The Medtronic catheter has two lumens and is equipped with side holes. Its lumen design optimizes internal diameter for continuous and uniform flow rates while maintaining low artery pressure. It is constructed of a flexible polyurethane polymer that provides ideal rigidity during insertion and softens up to 50% for vascular conformance and patient comfort after insertion.

3. Flexicare Catheter : The Flexicare catheter is ideal for suctioning in the mouth, trachea tubes. Easy insertion via all types of intubation and tracheostomy tubes thanks to the smooth exterior surface. Injury risk is reduced by the soft rounded tip and smooth edges of the eyes.

4. Romsons catheter : The Romsons catheter is suitable for Adult patients. he catheter is comprised of latex that has been coated with silicone elastomer to prevent encrustation. The symmetrical large capacity balloon on this catheter ensures a straight tip for optimal flow and effective sphincter action, reducing bladder leakage.

5. B Braun catheter : The B Braun catheter is designed for both short and long-term continuous anesthesia and pain management. The catheter is produced without the use of latex. The open tip stretch resistance catheter is available. The catheter's shaft is extremely stable while remaining flexible for easy installation and removal.

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Product Name Price Range
Coloplast catheterINR 3K- INR 3.7K
Medtronic catheterINR 11K- INR 14K
Flexicare Catheter-------
Romsons catheterINR 1.5K- INR 4.2K
B Braun catheterINR 1.5K- INR 8.5K

Buyer's guide and FAQs about Catheters.

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CENTRAL VENOUS CATHETERS KIT  , POLYMED, Catheter Code with Size: 11011, Catheter Type : Single Lumen
Free shipping
Save 50%
2,400.00 1,199.00
In stock
Catheter Code with Size11011 Catheter Type
Romsons Nel Catheter- Urethral catheter ,FG16 ( Box of 100 ), Select by size: 16FG
Save 63%
4,100.00 1,499.00
Catheter Length40 cm ColorOrange Size 16FG Select by size16FG
Romsons Nel Cath Nelaton Catheter- Urethral Catheter FG14 (Pack of 20)
Save 63%
4,100.00 1,499.00
ColorGreen Size 14FG Select by size14FG
Medtronic Covidien Mahurkar Dual Lumen Acute Hemodialysis Catheter Straight, Catheter Size & Length : 8Fr & 9cm
Save 40%
43,000.00 25,800.00
Catheter Size & Length 8Fr & 9cm
Romsons Silko Cath Silicone Foley Catheter Adult
Save 46%
3,540.00 1,920.00
Catheter Type Patient Type Adult ColorTransparent, Red, Blue Size 16FG Select by size16FG
Rusch 2 Way Silicone Foley Catheter- Box of 10
Save 39%
6,059.00 3,699.00
Catheter Type Foley Catheter ColorTransparent Size 12FG, 14FG, 16FG, 18FG
Medtronic Covidien Mahurkar Triple Lumen Acute Hemodialysis Catheter Kit, Catheter Length & Size: 13cm & 12Fr (Curved)
Save 51%
48,000.00 23,400.00
Catheter Length & Size13cm & 12Fr (Curved)
Medtronic Covidien Mahurkar Dual Lumen Acute Hemodialysis Catheter Curved, Catheter Size & Length : 8Fr & 12cm
Save 32%
45,000.00 30,500.00
Catheter Size & Length 8Fr & 12cm
NIPRO Intravenous Wing Catheter PU (Box Of 100), NEEDLE SIZE: 20G
Save 19%
3,450.00 2,800.00
Romsons R-90/R-91 Urethral Catheter
Save 57%
1,850.00 795.00
Colorwhite Size 14FG Select by size14FG
Newtech Permanent Hemodialysis Catheter
Save 29%
15,677.00 11,200.00
Newtech UneCath Hemodialysis Catheter Kit - Double Lumen
Save 60%
3,920.00 1,571.95
Medtronic Covidien Mahurkar Dual Lumen Acute Hemodialysis Catheter, Catheter Length: 13.5cm & Straight
Save 51%
23,000.00 11,334.40
Catheter Length13.5cm & Straight
Medtronic Covidien Permcath Dual Lumen Chronic Dialysis Catheter Kit, Select by size: 28 cm
Save 15%
65,770.00 55,870.00
Select by size28 cm
Romsons Cee Tee Cath Suction Catheter Thumb Control Box of 100
Save 63%
6,411.00 2,351.00
Romsons Nel Cath Nelaton Catheter
Save 63%
4,100.00 1,499.00
Catheter Length40 cm Catheter Length & SizeFG 08 Catheter Type single use only Colorwhite, blue, red Size 8FG
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Newtech Single Lumen Femoral Catheter
Save 77%
26,125.00 6,112.26
Romsons Uro Cath 3 Way Latex Foley Catheter
Save 61%
3,700.00 1,459.00
Size 16FG, 18FG, 20FG, 22FG, 24FG
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Romsons Suction Catheter, FG06, Box of 100, Select by size: 6FG
Save 80%
5,200.00 1,055.00
Select by size6FG
Suction Catheter, Polymed
Save 62%
570.00 217.00
In stock
Rusch 3 Way Silicone Coated Latex Foley Catheter
Save 34%
4,050.00 2,675.00
Catheter Type Foley Catheter Size 18FG, 20FG, 22FG, 24FG
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