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Protaper rotary files are a great choice of dentist for removing tartar and plaque from teeth. Dental protaper rotary files are easy to use and can be used on both hard and soft surfaces. These are the best files for removing small amounts of plaque & the calculus from teeth, and these have replaceable heads that can be switched out easily. The protaper rotary file system have high quality fine grain carbide tips, which provide a superior clean. The handle of the file is ergonomically designed, and very compact & easy to handle. Protaper rotary files are made of nickel-titanium, which makes them strong and flexible. They come in different sizes and shapes, depending on the tooth being treated.

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Dentsply Protaper Rotary File PriceINR 2.5K - INR 5K

You can buy the best protaper niti rotary files for hospitals, clinics, and more at wholesale prices at Hospitals Store. We've put together a buyer’s guide and FAQs below to help you choose the right Protaper Rotary Files for your need, as well as affordable price according to your budget.

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  • Dentsply Protaper Gold Rotary Files: With the best reviews for high-quality protaper rotary files, ergonomically designed handle, 3 files shaping system, selective preparation of curved canal walls, convex triangular cross-section and many more. This protaper rotary file price ranges between INR 2.6K - 2.9K. Its flexibility make it popular between dentist.
  • Dentsply Protaper Universal Rotary Files - Refills: This protaper rotary file first choice of dentist, and is a premium quality protaper rotary files system from Dentsply. That cone with the best features such as progressively tapered triangular cross-section with a high cutting efficiency, variable helix angle, files are colour coded for easy and instant identification, and many more. This protaper rotary file price ranges between INR 3.4K - INR 3.6k.

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