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Radiant Warmer Description:

Radiant warmers are also known as baby warmers or infant warmers. For newborn babies, a radiant warmer is used to provide warmth to the baby. Radiant warmer devices are used to maintain the body temperature of newborn babies in a hospital. The radiant heat warmer machine consists of a heat source, a tray where the baby is placed, an automated control unit, a body temperature sensor, and a time alarm.

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Purpose of Radiant Warmer:

The main radiant warmer purpose is to maintain the temperature of an infant. The Radiant Warmer is a body warming device that generates heat. This warmer for neonatal assists in regulating the baby's body temperature and limiting the pace of metabolism. Heat tends to travel in the direction of the heat gradient, which is from hot to cold. Body warmers give artificial support to maintain the body temperature constant in certain newborn newborns, whose heat loss is fast. Babies are maintained on a Radiant Warmer for a couple of hours after delivery in select locations with extremely cold climates to ensure that they are stabilised following birth.

Infants are placed under a radiant warmer after birth until they can regulate their temperature. Extreme heat, skin burns, lasting brain damage, or even death can occur as a result of IR radiation's efficient energy transfer.

Working Principle of Radiant Warmer:

In the case of radiant heating, the ratio is reversed: radiation does not heat the air (it travels freely through it), and heat is distributed mostly by radiation. Radiant energy heats objects, walls, and people in the room immediately. Infrared heating is another name for this process.

Radiant warmers increase convective and evaporative heat loss, as well as insensible water loss, but they either remove or alter radiant heat loss to net gain. To prevent heat loss by convection and evaporation, a radiant warmer can be equipped with a heat shield made of thin polyethylene film.

Buyer's guide and FAQs about Radiant warmer.

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Meditrin Heat Warmer with Detachable Baby Cradle
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56,985.00 47,200.00
51,287.04 50,274.56
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Zeal Medical RHW1101A Radiant Warmer, Fixed Cradle + 3 Drawers
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Hygeia 802 Radiant Warmer With LED Phototherapy
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S.S Technomed Tiana NW Infant Radiant Warmer
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S.S. Technomed Infant Radiant Warmer Tiana 'S'
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Zeal Medical RHW2101B Radiant Warmer, Fixed Cradle
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Hygeia Radiant Warmer With Fix Cradle, 1 Temp sensor
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Zeal Medical RHW1104A Radiant Warmer, Stand + Trolley
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Zeal Medical RHW2101A Radiant Warmer, Fixed Cradle + 3 Drawers
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Hygeia Radiant Warmer with Fixed Cradle, 2 Temp sensors
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107,000.00 100,520.00
Zeal Medical RHW1101B Radiant Warmer, Fixed Cradle + 3 Drawers
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AC input voltage110 - 220 V
Zeal Medical RHW1104B Radiant Warmer, Stand + Trolley
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64,821.12 57,155.84
Zeal Medical RHW3001C Radiant Warmer, Fixed cradle + 3 Drawers
Save 11%
135,340.80 121,094.40
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