Description of Rossmax Stethoscope:

Rossmax is a popular brand that manufactures medical accessories such as Rossmax stethoscopes. Rossmax has a variety of stethoscopes for doctors and students.

People really like Rossmax stethoscopes because they are of good quality, work well and last a long time. The Rossmax stethoscope Price is reasonably when compared to other brands.

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Features of Rossmax stethoscope:

Rossmax stethoscopes have some great features that make them really useful:

Soft ear tips: The stethoscope has soft ear tips that make it comfortable to wear for long periods of time. They also help block out background noise so that you can hear sounds clearly.

Snap-on diaphragm ring: The part of the Rossmax stethoscope that picks up sound has a snap-on ring. This makes it easy to switch between the part that detects high-frequency sounds and the part that detects low-frequency sounds.

Bell side for low-frequency sounds: One side of the stethoscope has a special bell that is good for listening to low-frequency sounds. It is helpful to pick up on faint heart murmurs or abnormal sounds in the abdomen.

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ProductPrice Range
Rossmax EB200 Dual Head StethoscopeINR 616.00 - INR 850.00
Rossmax EB600 Cardiology StethoscopeINR 1,853.00 - INR 2,200.00
Rossmax EB500 Sprague Rappaport StethoscopeINR 989.00 - INR 1,350.00

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