Schiller ECG Machine

Schiller is a leading ECG Machine manufacturer, providing a wide range of ECG Machine & related products to meet your diverse need for its customers. 

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Description of Schiller ECG Machine

Schiller is one of the top manufacturer of Electrocardiographs including ECG machine, TMT machine, holter monitor and more. Schiller ECG Machine is designed to record and display the electrical activity of the heart over a period of time. The machine is commonly used by healthcare professionals to diagnose various heart conditions and assess the heart's overall health. Schiller ecg are manufactured by using the most advanced technologies and are loaded with extraordinary features for optimum performance. Product range of Schiller ECG machine includes 3, 6 and 12 channel ECG machine.

Features of Schiller ECG Machine

  1. It can record the heart's electrical signals from multiple points at the same time, giving a complete view of the heart's activity.
  2. It shows real-time heart waveforms on a clear display screen for easy analysis.
  3. The schiller machine has software that can automatically interpret the ECG data, helping doctors quickly understand the results.
  4. Schiller ekg machine can store the recorded ECG readings for future reference and sharing with other healthcare providers.
  5. Schiller ecg can print out ECG reports on paper for physical records.
  6. It has a user-friendly interface for easy operation.

TOP Selling Models Of Schiller ECG Machine

Product range of Schiller ECG Machine includes 3, 6 and 12 channel ECG machine.

Schiller Cardiovit AT-1 G2, 3 Channel ECG Machine- The Schiller Cardiovit AT-1 G2 is a 3-channel ECG machine that builds upon the reliable AT-1 model with the latest technology. It stands out for its excellent signal quality, suitable for both adult and pediatric ECGs, and features an advanced interpretation algorithm. The machine offers user-friendly patient data entry, lead reversal detection, and a hook-up adviser with color-coded waveforms, enhancing its usability and accuracy in diagnosing heart conditions. Optional features include ETM interpretation and CCAA for added diagnostic capabilities.

Schiller Cardiovit AT-102 G2 12 Channel ECG Machine- The Schiller CARDIOVIT AT-102 G2 is an ECG machine with a big and colorful 8-inch display. It has easy touch keys, and the keyboard is easy to clean. You can use it for more than 8 hours without charging, and it can print out the ECG results. It has a special mode to monitor the heart's rhythm for up to 10 minutes, and it can tell you if the leads are connected correctly. It can also send data securely over Wi-Fi to other devices.

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Price List of Schiller ECG Machine

ModelPrice Range
Schiller Cardiovit AT-1 G2, 3 Channel ECG Machine103,040.00
Schiller CARDIOVIT AT-102 G2 12 Channel ECG Machine195,776.00
Schiller ECG Machine AT-102 Resting 12 channel135,240.00

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135,000.00 103,040.00
ColorWhite & Gray Product Weight2.9 Kg Screen Size (Diagonal)5 Inch
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Screen Size (Diagonal)8 Inch
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Product Dimension (mm)400 x 300 x 101 mm Product Weight5 Kg
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150,000.00 105,000.00

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Video for ECG Machine Schiller Cardiovit AT-1 G2

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Overview of Schiller Cardiovit AT102 G2 ECG Machine

Overview of Schiller Cardiovit AT102 G2 ECG Machine

This is an intro video Schiller ECG machine, 12 channel. This Schiller 12 channel ecg is designed to connect with your existing clinical systems, keeping you in touch with your data, your patients, and your practice. Schiller 12 channel ECG machine is the preferred choice in a variety of care settings and industries, including hospitals, clinics, physician offices, and clinical research organizations.

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