Simple hospital Patient bed

Simple Hospital beds -  These hospital patient beds are not electric or adjustable. In comparison to electric and manual adjustable medical beds, these beds are relatively light and cost-effective. These Simple Hospital beds are specifically designed for hospitalized patients or others who require medical assistance, not for critical patient. These beds have unique features for the comfort and well-being of patients, as well as the convenience of health-care workers.

At our online Medical equipment store "Hospital Store," we offer a variety of patient beds, including plain hospital bed, electric hospital beds, fowler hospital beds, and more, each of which is ideal for treating different types of patients. Simple hospital bed for home use, hospitals, clinics, and other uses can be purchased at wholesale prices from Hospital Store.

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ACME folding simple hospital bed for patients cum chair, Material: M.S.
Save 52%
25,400.00 12,300.00
MaterialM.S. Product Dimension (mm)1880mm X 500mm X 500mm
ACME 1013 Simple Hospital Attendant Bed
Save 27%
8,500.00 6,210.00
Product Dimension (mm)1900 mm x 900 mm x 600 mm
ACME 1012 Plain Hospital Bed
Save 35%
15,990.00 10,350.00
In stock
Product Dimension (mm)1900mm X 900mm X 600mm
ACME 1014 Pediatric Hospital Bed
Save 33%
17,599.00 11,730.00
In stock
Product Dimension (mm)1450mm X 650mm X 600mm
Surgix Hospital Bed Plain Delux Sunmica Panels
Save 63%
64,108.80 23,506.56
Product Dimension (mm) 198 x 90 x 60 cms
Surgix Attendant Chair Cum Patient bed
Save 50%
48,437.76 24,218.88
Surgix Simple hospital Patient Bed
Save 69%
31,769.92 9,972.48
In stock
Product Dimension (mm) 167L x 60W x 40H cms
Surgix Simple clinical bed with ABS Panels
Save 56%
48,437.76 21,369.60
Surgix Simple Medical bed
Save 66%
55,560.96 19,090.40
In stock
Surgix Simple Steel hospital bed (Wire Mesh Platform)
Save 66%
49,862.40 17,095.68
Surgix Pediatric Bed
Save 66%
47,013.12 15,955.52
In stock
In stock
Mediplus MPI-ATHARVA Fully Motorised ICU Bed
Save 16%
95,999.00 80,499.00
Product Dimension (mm)L1980 x W1060 (+/- 10 mm) Product Weight170 Kg Hospital Bed Movements Backrest, Knee Rest, Trendelenburg/ Reverse Trendelenburg, Up and Down, Left and Reght Tilt
Mediguard Hospital Fowler Bed (ABS Panels) - Backrest, knee Rest | Fowler Bed With Collapsible side Railing
Save 16%
43,999.00 36,999.00
Product Dimension (mm)L1980 x W1060 (+/- 10 mm) Product Weight150 Kg
Mediplus MPI-1010 Manual Fowler Bed With ABS side railings
Save 17%
26,499.00 21,999.00
Product Dimension (mm)L1980 x 900W X 560H Product Weight52 Kg
Mediplus MPI-1035 Obstetric Labour Hospital Table
Save 16%
40,999.00 34,499.00
Product Dimension (mm)1830L x 680W x 760H Product Weight70 Kg
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Mediplus MPI-1030 Emergency Recovery Hospital Trolley
Save 16%
39,999.00 33,499.00
Product Dimension (mm)1930L x 560W x 650-950H Product Weight70 Kg
Mediplus MPI-1031 Stretcher Hospital Trolley
Save 15%
25,999.00 21,999.00
Product Dimension (mm)1830L x 560W x 810H Product Weight40 Kg

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