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The pedometer is a portable device that track the physical activity of a person, a pedometer count each steps a person takes by detecting the motion of the person's hands or hips. Walking, running, cycling, and other physical activity can be tracked by step counter. Pedometer step counters are affordable, reliable, and can be used as a motivational tool. A Pedometer used to track progress toward achieving weight loss or fitness objectives and though they are designed to be worn around the waist, they can also be wrapped around the arm or ankle.

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  • Omron Pedometer HJ-320: With the best review of high quality running pedometer, smart sensor technology, so it won't miscount steps, store up to 7 days of information with  24-hour digital clock, most comfortable - on your hip, in your pocket or bag.
  • Omron Pedometer HJA-313: This pedometer is our top-selling step counting device. That come with easy to read LCD, ultra slim & lightweight design, weekly diet support, fat burned, and more.

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What is the price of Step Counter/Pedometer in India in September 2023?
Where can you buy Step Counter/Pedometer online?
What are the top selling Step Counter/Pedometer in INDIA in September, 2023?
Which are the best low cost Step Counter/Pedometers?
Which is the Best Step Counter/Pedometer?
Which are the top selling brands of Step Counter/Pedometer?
Omron Pedometer HJ-320
Save 53%
2,849.00 1,348.00
In stock
Omron Pedometer HJA-313
Save 36%
5,414.00 3,463.00
In stock
Product Dimension (mm)47*47*13
Omron HJ-325 Pedometer (Pink)
Save 12%
2,239.00 1,980.00
In stock
Product Weight.2 Kg
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Product Weight0.041 Kg Screen Size (Diagonal)0.75 Inch
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