Stoma bags are also known a Stoma pouches, that designed to help individuals who have undergone ostomy surgery. These bags are crucial for collecting waste expelled from the body when the natural digestive or urinary system is altered due to medical conditions like inflammatory bowel disease, colorectal cancer, Crohn's disease, or bladder issues.


The Colostomy bag cost depending on number of pouches, type, brand and model you want to buy, On an average ostomy bag price starts from INR 500 to INR 27,000. For your reference, we have mentioned a price list below:

S.N.Stoma Bag Product Models Price
1.Coloplast 17501 Alterna Free Close Colostomy Bag, DrainableINR 6,885.00
2.Romsons Colostomy KitINR 199.00
3.Coloplast 1902 LC 2000 ostomy Bag One-Piece Open Bag (Pack Of 10)INR 1,350.00
4.Coloplast 14050 Mini Fistula & Wound Management System Box of 6INR 24,520.00
5.Coloplast Assura 2 Piece Maxi Transparent Ostomy Pouch Box of 30INR 6,585.00
6.Coloplast 10386 SenSura 2 Piece Maxi Transparent Ostomy PouchINR 2,890.00
7.Coloplast 5161 Conveen Security Plus Leg Bag 500 ml - Box of 10INR 1,815.00
8.Coloplast 17467 Alterna Open Transparent Pediatric Colostomy BagINR 2,400.00
9.Coloplast 11855 Sensura Click 2 Piece Urostomy BagINR 2,974.00
10.Coloplast Filtrodor Ostomy Pouch Filter Box of 50INR 1,690.00

* Prices may be subject to change.


There are many types of stoma pouches, and it's important to know which one best suits your needs when shopping for one. Here's a quick reference guide : 

  • One-piece system :-
  • Two-piece system :-
  • Closed bags :-
  • Drainable bags :-
  • Mini pouches :-


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Save 14%
7,999.00 6,885.00
Ostomy Bag TypeOne Piece, Drainable Ostomy Bag ColourTransparent
Save 20%
249.00 199.00
In stock
Ostomy Bag TypeColostomy Bag
Save 32%
1,999.00 1,350.00
Ostomy Bag TypeOne Piece
Save 14%
920.00 790.00
Product Weight0.60 Kg
Coloplast Assura 2 Piece Maxi Transparent Ostomy Pouch Box of 30
Save 27%
9,000.00 6,585.00
Pouch Volume650 ml Ostomy Bag TypeTwo Piece
Save 20%
3,621.00 2,890.00
Ostomy Bag TypeTwo Piece Ostomy Bag ColourTransparent
1,900.00 1,815.00
Pouch Volume500 ml
Coloplast 17467 Alterna Open Transparent Pediatric Colostomy Bag for Child - Box of 10
Save 31%
3,500.00 2,400.00
Save 26%
3,999.00 2,974.00
Ostomy Bag TypeTwo Piece Ostomy Bag ColourTransparent
Save 26%
33,000.00 24,520.00
Pouch Volume2000 ml Product Dimension (mm)104 x 159
Save 33%
9,000.00 6,038.00
Pouch Volume2000 ml
3,000.00 2,897.00
Ostomy Bag TypeTwo Piece Ostomy Bag ColourOpaque Product Weight0.3 Kg
Save 29%
4,750.00 3,360.00
Coloplast 10015/10025/10035/10045 SenSura XPRO Click 2 Pc Non Convex Ext. Wear Skin Barrier - Box of 5
Save 26%
2,900.00 2,154.00
Ostomy Bag TypeTwo Piece
Coloplast 10366 SenSura 2 Piece Maxi Open Opaque Bag - Box of 10
Save 28%
3,999.00 2,897.44
Ostomy Bag TypeTwo Piece Ostomy Bag ColourOpaque
Save 26%
3,900.00 2,890.00
Ostomy Bag ColourTransparent
Save 25%
4,500.00 3,375.00
Pouch Size15x28 cm Cutting Range15-60 mm Closure TypeClamp Closure Pouch Volume650 ml Ostomy Bag TypeColostomy Bag, Ileostomy Bag, Stoma Bag
Coloplast 11045 Sensura Click XPRO Convex Light Extended Wear Skin Barrier 70 mm Box of 5
Save 25%
3,200.00 2,390.00
Cutting Range15-70 mm Ostomy Bag TypeColostomy Bag
Save 32%
1,299.00 885.00
Product Dimension (mm)254(L) x 152(W) x 102(H) Product Weight0.59 Kg
Coloplast 4215 Latex Free Adjustable Ostomy Belt
Save 27%
599.00 440.00
Save 32%
599.00 410.00
Product Weight0.25 Kg
12,000.00 11,956.00
Ostomy Bag TypeOne Piece Ostomy Bag ColourTransparent
3,900.00 3,700.00
Product Weight0.620 Kg
699.00 667.00
Ostomy Bag TypeOne Piece, Urostomy Bag Ostomy Bag ColourTransparent
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