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At, we understand the critical role suction machines play in modern healthcare. Our extensive collection of top-quality suction apparatus is designed to meet the diverse needs of hospitals, clinics, and home care settings. With advanced features, reliable performance, and user-friendly interfaces and top-notch customer service, our machines are trusted by healthcare professionals worldwide.

When it's comes to choose the right hospital suction machine, we recommend you to buy from the top brands like Yuwell, Anand, Accusure, venky, Technocare and Oxymed, we proudly offer a wide range of machines.

How Medical Suction Machine Clear Airways and Save Lives in Critical Moments?

A suction machine is also known as a suction apparatus or aspirator, that used for removing obstructions - like mucus, saliva, blood, or other secretions from a patient's body. It is commonly used during surgeries, dental procedures, or to clear airways in emergency situations.

A patient struggles to breathe due to excessive mucus blocking their airway. In such critical moments, a phlegm suction machine comes to the rescue. It's like a superhero for your airways, swiftly clearing obstructions so you can breathe freely.

But where did this lifesaver come from? Let's take a journey back in time. Imagine the year 1869, when Dr. Pierre Carl Edouard Potain introduced the first conventional aspirator. Back then, it was a manual pump, designed to drain abscesses and fluid buildup from the chest, aiming to prevent heart failure. Fast-forward to today, and we have electrically powered suction machines, compact and efficient, ready to serve at a moment's notice.

Common Components of a Suction Apparatus Machine:

Let's explore the vital components and diverse uses of this essential device:

  1. Suction Pump: The powerhouse behind the Suction Machine, responsible for generating the necessary suction force. Available in electric or manual variants, catering to diverse medical needs.
  2. Suction Tubing: Bendy tubes that connect the suction pump to the suction tip or catheter, making sure the suction reaches where it's needed.
  3. Suction Tip or Catheter: Think of this as essential components that directly removes fluids from a patient's body. There are different types for different need.
  4. Collection Canister: Collection canisters provide a safe haven for the fluids and materials suctioned from patients. Equipped with lids and disposable liners, disposal becomes hassle-free.
  5. Filter: Some suction devices have filters to keep out yucky stuff and keep the machine clean.
  6. Tubing Connectors: Building a robust network, tubing connectors ensure airtight connections between suction tubing, canister, and suction tip, guaranteeing a seamless workflow
  7. Vacuum Gauge: This optional gadget helps doctors and nurses see how strong the suction is, making adjustments as needed.
  8. Power Source: For electric pumps, you need power. It's either from a wall outlet or a portable battery.
  9. Control and Adjustment Mechanism: For electric suction machine, there are usually controls to adjust the suction pressure and an on/off switch.

Types of Suction Machine:

We are having different types of suction machines that are:

  1. Electric Suction Machine: Electric suction machines are advanced devices that powered by electricity and offer a consistent and powerful suction force.
  2. Portable Suction Machine: Portable suction machines are compact and lightweight devices that provide on-the-go suction capabilities. They are designed for mobility and are often powered by rechargeable batteries, allowing healthcare professionals to use them in emergency situations, home healthcare, and during patient transport.
  3. Manual Foot Suction Machine: Manual foot suction machines, also known as foot-operated suction pumps, are non-electric devices used for low-pressure suction applications. They are typically operated by foot pedal action, creating a vacuum that can be used to remove fluids and mucus from a patient's airways or wounds. 
  4. Liposuction Machine: Liposuction machines are specialized medical devices used in cosmetic surgery to remove excess fat from various parts of the body. They are specifically designed for this surgical procedure. 
  5. Hand Suction Machine: Hand suction machines, also known as hand-operated suction devices, are manual suction devices that are typically small and handheld. They are designed for precision and control, making them suitable for delicate medical procedures where fine suction is required.

Uses of Suction Machine:

  • Clearing Airways: When someone's struggling to breathe because of mucus or something blocking their airway, suction apparatus comes to the rescue.
  • During Surgery: Surgeons use it to keep the surgical area clean and clear so they can see what they're doing.
  • Dental Work: Dentists use suction to remove saliva and bits of tooth during procedures, making it easier to work in your mouth.
  • Helping Newborns: Babies sometimes need help clearing their airways after birth, and it helps them breathe better.
  • After Surgery: To clean up and keep wounds free from excess fluids or blood.
  • Tracheostomy Care: People with tracheostomies need regular suction to keep their airways clear.
  • Gastrointestinal Procedures: Doctors use an aspirator machine during procedures to see better and keep things clean.
  • At Home: Sometimes, people need this machines at home, especially if they have breathing problems.
  • Emergency Situations: Suction can save lives during emergencies like choking or poisoning.
  • Wound Care: It helps keep wounds clean and promotes healing by removing excess fluids.
  • Hospice Care: In hospice, suction machines can provide comfort by managing symptoms like excessive secretions in patients with serious illnesses.

Suction Machine Price:

Are you in need of a reliable suction machine for your medical facility? Look no further! At Hospital Store, we offer a wide range of machines at competitive prices to suit every budget and requirement.

At hospital Store Suction Machine prices ranging from INR 1,800 to INR 160,000, we cater to diverse needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for a budget-friendly option or a premium, our collection features top-quality suction machines from trusted brands, ensuring durability, efficiency, and performance. From compact, portable models ideal for home use to heavy-duty units designed for clinical settings, we have the perfect solution for you.

Shop with confidence on Hospital Store, where affordability meets excellence. Browse our selection now and find the perfect suction apparatus machine to meet your needs.



Before choosing the medical suction machine, it is important to explore the best brand like:

1. Yuwell -

2. Anand -

3. Accusure -

4. Venky -


At hospital store, we have portable suction machines that equipped with rechargeable batteries or adapters. This portability makes them suitable for use in various settings, including during travel or emergencies.


In India, the price of a suction apparatus is between ₹ 1,800 and ₹ 160,000.

1.YUWELL 7A-23D Electric Suction Apparatus₹ 13,950
2.Medsun Suction Machine Electric Trolley for Hospitals₹ 17,808
3.Niscomed SU100 Hand Suction Machine₹ 1,950
4.Medsun High Vacuum Suction Machine₹ 26,880
5.Yuwell 7A-23B Electric Suction Apparatus High flow ₹ 21,500
6.Surgix Suction Machine SS. 1/2 HP₹ 17,096
7.Niscomed SU-101 Pedal Suction Machine₹ 3,950
8.Surgix Suction Machine, 1/2 HP₹ 14,531
9.Niscomed Imported Foot Operated Suction Machine₹ 3,950
10.Technocare Trolley Suction Apparatus₹ 13,700

Save 44%
25,000.00 13,950.00
ColorWhite Product Weight20 Kg AC input voltage180VA Suction Machine TypeSuction Machine Electric Trolley
Save 12%
20,160.00 17,808.00
AC input voltage220 - 230 V Suction Machine TypeSuction Machine Electric Trolley Suction Pump Flow Rate25 LPM
Save 75%
7,836.00 1,950.00
In stock
ColorWHITE Product Weight0.192 Kg
Save 26%
36,127.00 26,880.00
Product Weight35 Kg Suction Pump Flow Rate50LPM
Save 27%
28,493.00 20,821.00
Suction Machine TypeSuction Machine Electric Trolley Suction Pump Flow Rate30-45 LPM
Save 22%
27,644.00 21,500.00
ColorWHITE Product Weight19.5 Kg AC input voltage220 V Suction Pump Flow Rate40LPM
Surgix Suction Machine SS. 1/2 HP
Save 31%
24,647.00 17,096.00
In stock
Colorwhite Product Weight20 Kg Suction Machine TypeSuction Machine Electric Trolley Suction Pump Flow Rate50LPM
Niscomed SU-101 Pedal Suction Machine
Save 39%
6,500.00 3,950.00
Surgix Suction Machine, 1/2 HP
Save 37%
23,079.00 14,531.00
In stock
ColorWHIT -BLACK Product Weight20 Kg Suction Machine TypeSuction Machine Electric Trolley Suction Pump Flow Rate30-45 LPM
Surgix 7A -23D Suction Apparatus
Save 43%
27,780.00 15,956.00
In stock
ColorWHITE Suction Machine TypeSuction Machine Electric Trolley Suction Pump Flow Rate40LPM
Free shipping
Save 39%
6,500.00 3,950.00
Surgix Electric Suction Machine, 1/2 HP
Save 25%
27,068.00 20,301.00
ColorBlack Product Weight15.5 Kg AC input voltage230 V Suction Machine TypeSuction Machine Electric Trolley Suction Pump Flow Rate30-45 LPM
Save 45%
25,000.00 13,700.00
ColorWhite Product Weight19.5 Kg AC input voltage220V Suction Machine TypeSuction Machine Electric Trolley Suction Pump Flow Rate50LPM
Hand Suction Machine
Save 57%
4,500.00 1,950.00
In stock
Surgix Suction machine Type – 1 High Vacuum
Save 40%
42,739.00 25,644.00
AC input voltage100 - 240 V
Oxymed Portable Phlegm Suction Unit
Save 19%
9,500.00 7,700.00
In stock
Suction Machine TypePortable Suction Machine Suction Pump Flow Rate18LPM
Contact us for a price
Contact us for a price
Save 11%
4,900.00 4,350.00
Product Dimension (mm)260 x 190 x 265 Product Weight3 Kg AC input voltage220 V AC Suction Machine TypeManual Hand Suction Machine Suction Pump Flow Rate15LPM
Amkay Suction Machine
Save 51%
9,999.00 4,855.00
In stock
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