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Surgical and Medical Tapes :

Surgical tapes are used to secure dressings. Medical tapes are another name for Surgical tapes. Several factors may determine the sort of medical tape you use while applying it. Surgical tape, also known as medical adhesive tape, is used to secure bandages, gauze, and other dressings to the skin around wounds. Most surgical adhesive tape are pressure sensitive tapes, which means they stick and stay in place when you apply firm pressure. Surgical tapes are made up of multiple layers, including a backing and an adhesive layer. Depending on the bonding with the sticky and the material's breathability, tape covering is made of silk, cotton, or paper. These tapes are known as micro pore surgical tape because they are made of porous material that allows air to pass through the skin.

Surgical tape has the following characteristics:

  • Surgical tape is packaged in rolls.
  • Transparent, white, and "skin" colors are available in surgical bandage tape.
  • Surgical tape can be either hard or stretchy.
  • Waterproof or absorbent surgical tape is available.

Types of surgical tape :

There are different types of surgical tape. Here's a quick reference guide to the various types of surgical tape.

1. Waterproof surgical tape : This surgical tape attaches to a various surfaces and seals out air and water. This form of surgical tape is strong and remains there even when wet, so bandages won't come free in the shower or bath.

2. Surgical paper tape : Surgical paper tape is used to keep gauzes and wound coverings in place. These types of surgical tape usually wrap easily, making wound care application a breeze. Medical tape that is ideal for wound dressing applications.

3. Transparent surgical tape : Transparent surgical tape is a type of medical tape. Surgical tape of this type: The non-woven polyester material is soft and stretchy, and it conforms well to body shapes.

4. Cotton surgical tape : Cotton surgical tape is commonly used to cut gauze, bandages. This surgical tape may also be required to remove clothing to expose damaged regions.

5. Double-sided surgical tape : Double-sided surgical tape and medical transfer tapes adhere to skin, foams, films, plastics, and metals with ease.

Choose surgical tape from the best brands online :

1. 3M Surgical Tape : 3M Surgical Tape is a soft cloth medical tape that is conformable and breathable, featuring lateral perforations for simple hand tearing and a strong adhesive for more difficult applications. These surgical tapes are latex-free, hypoallergenic, and water-resistant.

2. Romsons Surgical Tape : The Romsons Surgical Tape is made up of best material. The tape is air permeable and non-woven surgical tape. The surgical tape adheres well to the skin and is hypoallergenic.

3. G Surgiwear Surgical Tape : The G Surgiwear Surgical Tape is made of a non-woven spun lace perforated 100% polyester 48 GSM adhesive coated non-woven spin lace perforated 100% polyester for easy liner removal.

4. Johnson & Johnson Surgical Tape : Johnson & Johnson Surgical Tape is non-irritating and keeps gauze and wound dressings in place. This Surgical tape stays in place and is painless to remove, making it ideal for frequent dressing changes. The non-irritating breathable first aid tape is soft on the skin and dermatologically certified.

Leading producers such as 3M Health Care, Datt, G Surgiwear, Romsons, and Sutures India offer a wide choice of surgical and white medical tapes. Microfoam tape, 3M surgical tape, paper tape, medical plaster tape, and micropore tape 1 inch are among the surgical tapes available at Hospitals Store.

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You can buy a surgical tape for hospitals, clinics, etc. at wholesale price online at Hospitals Store. We've put together a buyer's guide and FAQs below to help you choose the right surgical tape for your need as well as an affordable price according to your budget.

Buyer's guide and FAQs about Surgical and medical tapes.

What is surgical tape used for?
What is paper tape used for?
What kind of surgical tape for wounds are there?
What is a surgical plaster tape?
Is there a difference between medical tape and surgical tape?
What is hypoallergenic tape used for?
What is the name of the clear surgical tape?
What is the price of surgical tape in India in September 2023?
Which is the Best surgical tape?
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Where can you buy surgical tape online?
Romsons Kenpore Pro/Plus Paper Surgical Tape (Box of 24 Roll)
Save 56%
1,282.40 570.08
3M Micropore Medical Surgical Tape,3 inch x 10 yard, Box of 4, Select by size: 3'' x 10 Yards
Save 26%
700.00 517.00
Select by size3'' x 10 Yards
3M Micropore Tape 2 Inch, Box of 12, Select by size: 2 inch
Free shipping
Save 52%
2,256.00 1,076.16
In stock
Select by size2 inch
3M Micropore Medical dressing Tape, 1 inch x 10 yard, Box of 12, Select by size: 1'' x 10 Yards
Save 26%
697.00 517.00
Select by size1'' x 10 Yards
3M Micropore Dressing Tape, 2 inch x 10 yard, Box of 6, Select by size: 2'' x 10 Yards
Save 26%
700.00 517.00
Select by size2'' x 10 Yards
Romsons Soflene  IV Cannula Fixing Tape - Pack of 100 | 5 x 6 cm  Intra Venous Dressing
Save 34%
1,600.00 1,050.00
3M Comply Autoclave Steam Indicator Tape, Size : 18mm X 55m
Save 48%
999.00 515.00
Colorwhite Product Dimension (mm)18mm X 55m
BSN Medical Fixomull Transparent Medical Tape
Save 54%
6,849.00 3,149.00
BSN Medical Fixomull Stretch Medical Tape
Save 62%
2,078.00 790.00
Colorwhite Size 10 cm x 10m Sterileno
3M Durapore Silk Surgical Tape - Available in 4 Size | Size -1 inch x 10 yd -Box of 12, Select by size: 1'' x 10 Yards
Free shipping
Save 42%
7,200.00 4,150.00
Select by size1'' x 10 Yards
3M Durapore Silk Surgical Tape | Size -0.5 inch x 10 yd -Box of 24, Select by size: 0.5'' x 10 Yards
Free shipping
Save 42%
7,200.00 4,150.00
Select by size0.5'' x 10 Yards
NISCOMED Tape/Steam Sterilization Indicator Tape 19mm X 50m
Save 18%
550.00 450.00
ColorBrown Product Dimension (mm)19mm X 50m
ColorTransparent Select by size2'' x 5.5 Yards
Contact us for a price
In stock
Adhesive Tape U.S.P. (Zince Oxide Plaster) (Sb-ATU1A)
Save 51%
4,900.00 2,400.00
Romsons Kenpore Plus Paper Surgical Tape
Save 41%
590.00 350.00
3M Transpore Tape, Plastic Surgical Tape -(0.5") Pack of 24, Select by size: 0.5'' x 10 Yards
Save 59%
1,920.00 780.00
ColorTransparent Select by size0.5'' x 10 Yards
In stock
Contact us for a price
Contact us for a price
3M Transpore Tape, Plastic Surgical Tape -(1'' x 10 Yards) Pack of 12, Select by size: 1'' x 10 Yards
Save 60%
1,932.00 780.00
ColorTransparent Select by size1'' x 10 Yards
Dynamic Unimull Permeable Non Woven Synthetic Adhesive Tape
Save 13%
450.00 392.90
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