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Lowest Surgical Microscope Price at Hospital Store: 

At Hospital Store, we take pride in offering the lowest surgical microscope prices, catering to the needs of doctors, hospitals, laboratories and clinics and more. We are committed to providing high-quality surgical microscope from top brands, including Carl Zeiss, Labomed, Leica, Olympus, Moller Wedel, and many more. In addition, we back our offerings with a Price Match Guarantee for these trusted brands.   

Surgical Microscope Price Range:   

The cost of a surgical microscope can vary significantly, depending on the models and brands. An operating microscope Price Ranges between INR 20,000 to INR 8.5 lakh.    

What is a surgical microscope?

A surgical microscope is a kind of optical microscope specially designed for use in medical and surgical procedures. It is commonly known as operating microscope or surgical operating microscope. It offers surgeons and healthcare workers with operative field views that are greatly magnified and illuminated helping them to carry out delicate and complex procedures with accuracy and precision. These microscopes are usually used while microsurgery procedures.

What are the features of a surgical microscope?

Here are the key features of surgical microscope:

  • Magnification: Operating microscopes or surgical microscope provides various levels of magnification, typically ranges from 4x to 40x. This allows surgeons and doctors to effectively determine the details which are not possible to detect through naked eyes.
  • Illumination: These kinds of microscopes have bright, focused LED lights or halogen bulbs which offers a well-illuminated light and clear view of specimen.
  • Binocular design: Like binocular microscopes, surgical microscopes also have two eyepieces which provides co a three-dimensional, stereoscopic image of a specimen. Also, it provides excellent depth perception which is crucial for effective surgery.
  • Adjustability: Operating microscopes let surgeons adjust focal length, objective lens and angles as per their convenience.
  • Attachments: They can frequently be equipped with a variety of attachments and accessories, including video recording devices, laser pointers, surgical microscope cameras for documentation, and video cameras to facilitate communication with patients and other surgeons.

What is a surgical microscope used for? 

Surgical microscopes are used widely in medical and healthcare specialties:

  • Neurosurgical microscopes: Surgical microscopes which are also known as neurosurgery microscope, are utilized in a wide range of neurosurgical procedures, including tumor resection, spinal surgery, vascular surgery, trauma surgery etc.
  • Ophthalmic operating microscope: These microscopes offer great precise visualization of eye’s structure. Ophthalmic microscopes are majorly used in cataract surgery, retinal surgery, corneal transplantation, glaucoma surgery, and in many more procedures.  
  • Dental operating microscope: Dental surgical microscopes have transformed many aspects of dentistry by improving accuracy, improving patient outcomes, and enhancing patient and dentist comfort. They are effectively used in endodontic, oral surgery, periodontics, cosmetic dentistry etc.
  • ENT surgical microscope: High magnification and illumination are provided by ENT surgical microscopes for precise ear, nose, and throat procedures. They support otologic, rhinologic, laryngologic, and head and neck operations by assisting with configurable features and integrated imaging, ensuring correct procedures in challenging anatomical areas.
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