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Surgical sponges are also known as Gauze sponges. Surgical sponges are extensively used in medicine and surgery as disposable medical supplies. When gauze sponges are used in surgery, they are called surgical sponges. Gauze is a type of thin medical fabric with a loose open weave used in wound care. It is used to absorb blood and other fluids as well as clean wounds. Gauze pads and gauze sponges can be used for a variety of things, including basic cleaning, dressings, preparing, packing, and debriding wounds. It can also be used to cover wounds as a temporary absorbent dressing. Gauze can be used to cushion or pack a wound, allowing the tissue to heal from the inside out.

The materials used in the manufacturing of gauze sponges for medical purposes include cotton and non-woven materials.

  • Woven gauze is made with a loose, open weave, it is less absorbent than non-woven gauze and more likely to lint. For that reason, it is not recommended for packing wounds because loose fibers can enter the wound and interfere with healing.
  • Non-woven gauze is made from fibers that are pressed together to resemble a weave but are not actually woven together. This gives non-woven gauze higher absorbency and wicking capacity than woven gauze.

Most non-woven gauze is made from synthetic fibers, such as rayon, polyester or a blend of these. Non-woven gauze is stronger, bulkier and softer than woven gauze, and produces less lint. However, non-woven gauze tends to be more expensive than woven.

In addition to its many sizes, ply's and fabrics, surgical sponges can also be categorized as sterile and non-sterile. Sterile surgical mops are used for open wounds.

Surgical sponges are generally available in three sizes:

  • 5 cm × 5 cm (2 in × 2 in),
  • 7.5 cm × 7.5 cm (3 in × 3 in), and
  • 10 cm × 10 cm (4 in × 4 in).

There are certain criteria to consider when choosing surgical sponges:

  • Absorbency- To keep an operation field and wound clean and dry, a surgical sponge must have enough absorbency. With a high-quality sponge that absorbs well, you'll use fewer sponges, saving time and money while also producing less waste. Absorbency is also important for patient comfort, since it prevents patients from ingesting blood, saliva, or debris.
  • Thickness- The fluid absorption and retention rates of a surgical sponge are proportional to its base weight. The sponge's basis weight is a measurement of the sponge's material thickness. Naturally, the higher the absorbency of a sponge, whether non-woven or woven, the more "plies" (layers) it contains. Increased cushioning for extraction sites and other wounds is also provided by the extra thickness.
  • Durability- Sponge quality matters since it helps you use fewer sponges each procedure. Because sponges have so many uses, investing in a more durable type can save you a lot of money.
  • Fiber types- Fiber types are an important point of differentiation between woven and non-woven sponges. Non-woven sponges can be constructed entirely of cotton or from a blend of polyester and rayon, whereas woven sponges are made entirely of cotton. Cotton fibers are good for applications that require a higher level of moisture because they become stronger as they become wetter. Polyester, on the other hand, is a non-absorbent material that maintains its strength when wet. As a result, polyester is frequently mixed with rayon. Polyester and rayon are complementary fibers because polyester is strong and rayon is absorbent. Polyester, on the other hand, is not biodegradable, although cotton and rayon are.

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A). Datt Mediproducts Surgical Sponges- Datt offers many benefits at budget-friendly prices. With Made up of 100% Gauze fabric sealed from all 4 sides, it carries a tail/tape at the end to make the handling easier. A common use for a laparotomy sponge is as a tool to absorb fluids around the surgical field so as to enable surgeons to clearly visualize the surgical site. It can also be used when it’s necessary to apply pressure, as they help distribute the pressure and stop bleeding. Several sizes are available in packages that may or may not be sterilized, allowing operating room technicians to select the most appropriate options for a given surgical case. It’s considered as one top choice of doctors and for home use as well.

B). G Surgiwear Surgical Sponges- SURGIWEAR has developed White Mop surgical sponges. Specially designed surgical sponges for surgeons, for almost every kind of surgery. It will keep your patient's wound free from chemicals. Surgical sponges is chemical free. No unwanted chemicals will go into the wound. Surgical sponges is less linting during surgery. Their use will minimize fiber granulomas, postoperative infections due to foreign body reaction to shredded fibers. Surgical sponges is radio-opaque. During the manufacturing process, a radio opaque thread containing Barium Sulphate is added to make it radio-opaque. This quality will help surgeon to identify any lost sponges. Surgical sponges is super absorbent. The rate of absorption is very fast.


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