Suture Cutting Scissors

Suture cutting scissors :

Suture cutting scissors are commonly used to remove sutures. One of the tips of these scissors has a little hook that goes under the sutures to lift them slightly before cutting and removing them. The hook also retains the suture in place, preventing any slippage before cutting. In the medical industry, suture cutting scissors are a must-have instrument. They give the correct instrument for cutting and removing suture string to hospitals, doctor's clinics, and operating rooms. Sizes Through the form of the tip, suture scissors are specifically intended to remove sutures. It is also known as stitch cutting scissors.

Suture cutting scissors use :
  • For suture removal, suture cutting scissors are commonly used.
  • Suture Scissor is composed of high-quality stainless steel and is ideal for delicate treatments. Because of their sensitive blades, these are best suited for minor sutures. They should not be used to cut tissues.
  • They provide the right tool for cutting and removing suture string.

Types of suture cutting scissors :

There are many types of suture cutting scissors, and it's important to know which one best suits your needs when shopping for one. Here's a quick reference guide to the various types of suture cutting scissors available.

Stitch cutting scissors : These scissors are used for cutting the sutures. The upper blade is straight, while the bottom blade is hooked or curled outward. The bottom blade is blunt, allowing the suture to be severed to be easily lifted and grasped. Because of their delicate blades, these are utilized for minor sutures, however they should not be used to cut tissues.

Straight suture cutting scissors : Straight suture cutting scissors are made to cut bodily tissues close to the wound's surface. Suture scissors are straight-bladed scissors that are also used for cutting sutures. Sutures and ligatures are cut with straight cutting scissors, and the skin around the wound is cut with them.

Suture wire cutting scissors : Suture Wire Cutting Scissors are finger ring scissors that aren't ratcheted and are used to cut sutures before they're removed.

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