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If you are looking for the best thermal fogger machine, you are on the right place. At hospital store, thermal fogger machine price range between INR 3500 to INR 10000.

Here is the price list of thermal fogging machine:

1.BD-1200W Stage Sanitizer Smoke Machine ₹ 7728
2.Spray Thermal Fogging Gun For Multifunctional Use₹ 3500
3.Disinfection/Sanitizer Fogging Machine₹ 9744
4.BD 1500W Fogger Fog Smoke Machine₹ 9968

*Price may be subject to change.

A thermal fogger is a device that uses heat to produce a fog or mist from a liquid insecticide or other chemical solution. It works by turning the liquid into vapor, and then tiny droplets are spread into the air. This fumigation machine is commonly used to control pests, like mosquitoes, flies, and other insects.

Thermal foggers are generally used in outdoor settings, such as agriculture, forestry, and public health programs to manage disease-carrying insects like mosquitoes. They are also used in urban environments to control pests in parks, residential areas, and other outdoor spaces.


  • Pest Control: Thermal foggers are machines that are often used in farms, forests, and cities to get rid of mosquitoes, flies, and other flying bugs.
  • Disinfection: They are also used for disinfecting large areas, such as warehouses, hospitals, and public spaces, to control the spread of diseases and pathogens.

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BD 1500W Fogger Fog Smoke Machine (Remote Controlled)
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BD-1200W Stage Sanitizer Smoke Machine (Remote Controller)
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