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A trinocular microscope is an advanced type of microscope that has three eyepieces compared to the standard binocular microscope's two. The extra eyepiece, known as the trinocular head, has a third connector for attaching a camera or other imaging equipment and enables two people to utilize both eyes simultaneously. This function is very helpful for research, education, and documentation, when it's crucial to take and share pictures or films of microscopic specimens. In disciplines like biology, medicine, metallurgy, and materials research, trinocular microscopes are commonly used.


Trinocular Head

Three eyepiece ports are located on the trinocular head of the microscope. This enables the possibility to attach a camera or camera-equipped device for imaging applications, as well as comfortable dual-eye binocular viewing.

Trinocular Eyepiece Port

A camera can fit in the third eyepiece port, which is often positioned in the center above the binocular ports. A digital camera, CCD camera, or other imaging equipment can be attached by users to record high-definition photos or videos of the specimen.

Interpupillary Adjustment

The interpupillary adjustment option on most trinocular microscopes enables users to alter the distance between the eyepieces to suit their unique eye spacing.

Objective Lenses

There are various objective lenses available for trinocular microscopes, and each one offers a different magnification level. The observed specimen's overall magnification and clarity are enhanced by these lenses.

Focusing Mechanism

A fine and coarse focusing mechanism is provided by trinocular microscopes to help focus the specimen accurately. Accurate focus is essential for in-depth observations.


In a variety of disciplines, including biology, health, research, education, and business, trinocular microscopes are widely used. They are especially helpful for tasks that need imaging to document specimens and real-time observation through eyepieces.

Digital Imaging

The trinocular port designed for attaching cameras enables users to capture digital images or videos, facilitating documentation, analysis, and sharing of findings.Trinocular microscopes offer versatility, making them suitable for a range of applications where both visual observation and digital imaging are essential for research, documentation, or educational purposes.


Trinocular microscopes are useful instruments in lab settings for many uses since they may be used for simultaneous imaging with a camera and visual viewing through eyepieces. These are a few common uses for trinocular microscopes in lab settings.

Research and Analysis

In many different sciences fields, including biology, chemistry, physics, and materials science, trinocular microscopes are used. Researchers can use both visual inspection and digital imaging to document discoveries, evaluate samples, and view minute structures.

Quality Control and Inspection

Trinocular microscopes are used in a variety of industries, including as electronics and pharmaceuticals, for quality assurance and product inspection. They are used by technicians and engineers to investigate the features, flaws, and surface morphology of materials and components at the microscopic level.

Medical Diagnostics

Trinocular microscopes are used in medical laboratories to examine biological specimens, including tissue samples, blood smears, and bacteria. For the purposes of diagnosis, research, and patient record, medical personnel are able to visually check materials and take pictures.

Forensic Analysis

Forensic labs utilize Trinocular microscopes to investigate remnants of evidence, like hairs, fibers, and particles that are discovered at crime scenes. To obtain information for criminal investigations, forensic experts might examine the morphology and features of these samples.

Photomicrography and Documentation

A third port on Trinocular microscopes is reserved for the attachment of cameras or other digital imaging equipment. This makes it possible to image and record microscopic specimens in high resolution, which is essential for scientific publications, presentations, and preservation.


  • The ability to view and image simultaneously
  • Enhanced collaboration between several users
  • Effective documentation and photomicroscopy
  • Versatility using a range of tools and methods
  • Capabilities of digital imaging for simple analysis and archiving
  • Streamlined procedures to boost output
  • Capabilities for remote monitoring and analysis
  • Encouraging interactive learning within educational environments


Droplet LAB 500t

The Droplet LAB 500t Digital Lab Trinocular Microscope allows for simultaneous viewing and imaging for cooperative work in labs, doctor's offices, and educational settings with its trinocular head. Because of its digital imaging capabilities, doctors, researchers, and educators all benefit from the quick documentation and study of specimens. Its excellent optics provide crisp images ideal for biology and geological research. Long-term comfort is guaranteed by ergonomic design, which improves user experience. All in all, it provides professionals across a range of fields with flexibility, user-friendliness, and accurate observation.

Micron Optik Trino Mini Pathological

The Micron Optik Trino Mini Pathological Trinocular Microscope is designed for pathological studies and medical diagnostics, featuring a trinocular head for collaborative viewing and imaging. Its compact size makes it ideal for use in clinics, hospitals, and research labs. With advanced optics, it delivers high-resolution images suitable for detailed pathological analysis. The trinocular design allows for simultaneous viewing through eyepieces and attachment of a camera for documentation and sharing findings. This microscope offers convenience, precision, and versatility for pathologists and medical professionals, enhancing diagnostic capabilities and research efficiency.

Nikon Eclipse TS100 LED Inverted Microscope

The Nikon Eclipse TS100 LED Inverted Microscope is a potent instrument Effective for tissue culture, live cell imaging, and cell culture. Its powerful LED lighting ensures that specimens are always well-lit for crisp inspection. For the purpose of viewing living cells in culture dishes and multi-well plates, its inverted shape makes it simple to reach samples from above. By attaching a camera for digital images, the trinocular head allows for simultaneous viewing through eyepieces. Nikon's well-known lenses produce excellent results that are appropriate for study and examination in the fields of microbiology, cell biology, and other biological sciences. Researchers and scientists performing advanced microscopy investigations can benefit from the accuracy, dependability, and versatility of this microscope.

Micron Optik Prime Zoom Stereo Microscope

The Micron Optik Prime Zoom Stereo Microscope offers precise magnification adjustment and three-dimensional viewing for detailed specimen inspection. With high-quality optics and a trinocular configuration, it enables simultaneous observation and camera attachment for documentation. Ideal for electronics, manufacturing, and forensic applications, this microscope provides versatility and reliability for professionals across industries.


For your convenience, we have categorized our trinocular microscope prices based on brands. Below, you will find a detailed price list:

Price List of Trinocular Microscope Brands

Price Range

Olympus Trinocular Microscope Price

INR 40K -INR 12 Lakh

Labomed Trinocular Microscope Price

INR 40K – INR 12 Lakh

Micron Optik Trinocular Microscope Price

INR 20K – INR 8 Lakh

Magnus Trinocular Microscope Price

INR 40K – INR 10 Lakh

Amscope Trinocular Microscope Price

INR 35K – INR 12 Lakh

 *Please note that prices are subject to change and may vary based on additional features and specifications. 


Q. What are the advantages of a trinocular microscope?

Trinocular microscopes offer simultaneous viewing and imaging capabilities, facilitating collaboration and documentation. They also provide flexibility for various applications and imaging techniques.

Q. What are the typical applications of trinocular microscopes?

Trinocular microscopes are used in fields such as biology, medicine, material science, forensics, and quality control for research, diagnosis, inspection, and documentation purposes.

Q. How do I choose the right trinocular microscope for my needs?

Consider factors such as magnification range, illumination options, camera compatibility, sample types, and budget when selecting a trinocular microscope.

Q. Are trinocular microscopes compatible with different types of cameras?

Yes, trinocular microscopes are compatible with various cameras, including digital cameras, CCD cameras, fluorescence cameras, and other imaging devices, depending on the microscope model and configuration.

Droplet LAB 500t Digital Lab Trinocular Microscope | Microscope for Doctor, Laboratory, Geology, and Biology
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Micron Optik Prime Zoom Stereo Microscope
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Micron Optik Trino Mini Pathological Trinocular Microscope
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Micron Optik Trino CXL Clinical Trinocular Microscope
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Research Trinocular Microscope Optima
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