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Walker for Adults

Walker for adults

A walker is a device that increases movement and provides additional support and stability to those who are elderly, crippled, or recovering from surgery when walking. Many walkers are light, adaptable, and foldable for convenient storage.

What are the different types of Walkers for adults and their uses 

Regular walkers and wheeled walkers are the two main types of walkers available (front wheels or two-wheel).

  • Regular walker- The most basic type of walker is the regular walker. To move, the user must pick up the walker. It's great for moving short distances or when steadiness is a top need. People who have a tendency to tip over might benefit the most from this type of walker. Most standard walkers may be folded for easy storage. A firm fixed base is provided by a normal walker.
  • Front Wheel Walkers- Wheeled Walkers feature rubber tips on the back legs and only two front legs with wheels. The most significant benefit of using a front wheel walker is increased stability. When moving, the user should put his or her weight on his or her toes.
  • Walker Rollator- The Walker Rollator is made up of a frame with three or four large wheels, handlebars, and an integrated seat that allows the user to stop and rest as needed.
  • Walker Boots- After an injury or surgery, a Walker Boot is an outer medical shoe that protects your feet. Walker Boots are used to treat bone, tendon, and severe sprain injuries. Most boots have two to five adjustable straps that go to the middle of your calf.
  • Multi-Functional Walker- With the commode shower chair, the Multi-Functional Walker features a toilet protection system and a cleansed seat riser for height adjustment.
  • Adult Walkers with Wheels: These walkers have a frame with wheels attached to the legs, allowing for easier mobility. They typically have two front wheels and two back gliders or wheels. They are designed to provide stability and support while allowing the user to push the walker forward with minimal effort.
  • One-Hand Walkers: One-hand walkers are designed for individuals who have limited or no use of one hand. These walkers typically have a modified frame that allows the user to support themselves with one hand while moving the walker forward. They often feature a platform or armrest on one side for better balance and support.
  • Four-Legged Walkers: Four-legged walkers, also known as quad canes or quad walkers, have a wider base with four legs for enhanced stability. They provide a greater level of support than standard walkers. Quad canes often come with a single handle or multiple hand grips, depending on the user's requirements.

Choose Walker from the best brands online

Tynor Walker

The Tynor Walker Boot is developed for rehabilitation after a foot, ankle, or below foot injury, fractures, rupture, or operation. The boots give ankle and leg support without restricting mobility. They can be used in place of a cast or in the event of an early cast removal. A wider rocker bottom encourages a more natural walk, lowers planter pressure, and improves stability. The leg and foot are fully protected and stabilized by the broad, strong foot casing. It helps to keep the foot, ankle, and lower leg stable.

Vissco Folded Adjustable Walker

The Vissco Folded Adjustable Walker Castors are ideal for people who have had a stroke, have had lower limb surgery, have cerebral palsy, have had a lower limb fracture, or have any other peripheral nerve problem. It restores the excitement of walking by providing a bigger base of support that aids in balancing while walking. It has a larger base with changeable height options, which makes it easier to fulfil the needs of patients. This walker provides significantly more stability than a typical walking stick, giving the user extra assistance when walking or standing. It adds four more contacts and a stable rear wheel for better placement.

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Walker for AdultsPrice Range
Invalid Walker Foldable ( Kare International )₹4,630.00 - ₹5,800.00
Multi Function Walker₹3,800.00 - ₹4,550.00
Tynor Walker Boot₹4,592.00 - ₹5,350.00
Walker with Wheels₹2,200.00 - ₹3,800.00
Flamingo Reciprocal Folding Walker - Universal₹1,849.00 - ₹2,500.00
Tynor Walker Boot - Medium₹3,300.00 - ₹4,650.00

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Buyer's guide and FAQs about Walker for adults.

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Is it necessary for a stroke patient to use a walker?
Is a Geri chair the same thing as a wheelchair?
Is it true that a walker can help with arthritis?
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Where can you buy walker online?
Invalid Walker Foldable ( Kare International )
Save 17%
5,556.32 4,630.08
Invalid Walker Foldable
Save 19%
6,838.72 5,556.32
In stock
4,900.00 4,592.00
In stock
In stock
2,900.00 2,706.00
Flamingo Reciprocal Folding Walker - Universal
Save 16%
2,200.00 1,849.00
Product Weight4.1 Kg
In stock
Tynor Walker Boot - XL
Save 15%
3,900.00 3,300.00
In stock
2,500.00 2,385.00
2,500.00 2,397.00
2,999.00 2,800.00
In stock
4,500.00 4,140.00
In stock
In stock
In stock
Tynor Walker Boot - Medium
Save 15%
3,900.00 3,300.00
In stock
3,500.00 3,300.00
In stock
KosmoCare Multipurpose Walker with Detachable Commode  | 6 in 1- Commode Chair, Walker, Bath Shower Chiar, Toilet Raise Seat, Toilet Safty Frame, Walker, Lifting Aid  | Lightweight, Adjustable height, Foldable
Save 33%
5,600.00 3,750.00
Product Weight5 Kg

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6 in 1 Walker Commode Chair | Use as Commode Chair, Walker, Bath Shower Chiar, Toilet Raise Seat, Toilet Safty Frame, Walker, Lifting Aid

6 in 1 Walker Commode Chair | Use as Commode Chair, Walker, Bath Shower Chiar, Toilet Raise Seat, Toilet Safty Frame, Walker, Lifting Aid

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